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  • What kind of customizations are we talking about?
    We are talking about customizations such as embroidery, monogramming, special sizes of any product, gift wrapping, packing, gift notes, adding frill to a bedsheet, and etc. We do not provide cloth printing facilities yet, however we do embroidery.
  • How do I get my bedsheet customized?
    You can give us a call for any sort of customization or write a mail on
  • What kind of warranty do you offer?
    We offer a warranty of up to 1 year of a bedsheet provided the bedsheet is not torn apart, or use of harsh detergents, although our bedsheet will stay with you for many years, although we can assure you the bedsheets would stay with you for many years. The warranty encompasses wear and tear, excess fading, and bleeding of colours.
  • How much time do you take for delivery?
    We take around 3-4 days for delivery, however in case of any customizations we would take a few more days based on customizations.
  • What are the charges of customization?
    The charges of any customization would depend on the customization. In case of small customizations such as gift wrapping, packing, or gift notes, we would be happy to do it for free.
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