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What is the difference between percale cotton and cotton satin?


Percale cotton and satin cotton are types of weave used to make cotton fabric. Different weaves changes the textures of the fabric. Image below shows both types of cotton weaves for better understanding.

Percale Cotton Cotton Satin

Percale Cotton: It has a simple one-to-one weave providing it a crisp and cool finish. Percale cotton has a rough finish as compared to satin cotton.

Cotton Satin: Cotton satin has a weave different from that of percale which makes it shiny and softer however it doesn't mean that one is better than the other.

Today people want as high a thread count (TC) as possible, however, the higher the TC count the lower the breathability of the fabric, so bedsheets with 200-220 TC are ideal for sleeping as it is the perfect combination of both TC count and breathability. One of our customers prefer higher cotton quality specifically pima cotton (follow this link to know more about types of fabric) in low thread count. This ensures good quality sleep and fresher mornings.

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